The Sherlock Holmes Museum features a replica of Holmes’s home on Baker Street. The museum is adorned with relics from the detective’s adventures, including his pipe and violin, Victorian-era paintings, scientific equipment, and more. It also has virtual reality displays that allow visitors to experience the setting as it would have been. The museum’s first floor is dedicated to Holmes’ study, which is decorated with traditional wallpaper and gaslight-like lamps. Other artefacts include a magnifying glass and old-style paper, an armchair by the fire, a desk and an assortment of books. Visitors can even see an old copy of The Times. The museum also has a collection of Holmes’s letters, as well as an instrument that represents his passion for music. The museum is located at 221b Baker St, London NW1 6XE.

The museum was able to claim the property for itself after fighting against another museum. When visitors enter, they are greeted by Doctor Watson, the museum’s mascot, and are guided through the exhibits. The museum’s exhibits faithfully reproduce the stories and characters of the sleuth. It also features the original manuscripts of Sherlock Holmes and the methods and tools used by him. There are also hands-on crime-solving opportunities for visitors to engage in.

While Sherlock Holmes’s travels took place in exotic locations, there are still some iconic places he visited. A museum dedicated to him in Switzerland contains replicas of the mansion that Holmes and Watson visited on many occasions. The replicas are carefully placed, so that it appears as though Holmes and Watson have just walked out of the room. Some pieces of furniture are scattered around, while others are left in place to give a hint at an undiscovered narrative.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum can be reached by metro station or from the nearby Baker Street metro station. There are no reservations needed for admission to the museum, and you can visit it any time from 10am until 5pm. Admission costs PS15 for adults and PS13 for concessions. Children under six can visit for free with an accompanying adult.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum is housed in a Georgian townhouse built in 1815. The interior of the building has been recreated to replicate the style of the famous stories written by Doyle. There is even an actor in a Victorian-era costume to guide visitors through the museum. This is a great way to experience Sherlock Holmes’ world and enjoy the memories he left behind.

The museum is spread across four floors, each with rooms dressed as if his characters were still living there. You can view objects from his famous diary, including props, and visit his famous study. Also, be sure to visit his bedroom, which includes personal items of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. Also on the third floor are waxwork models of the famous villain, Professor Moriarty. The museum is open every day except for Christmas Day.

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