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If you are a property owner or someone who is about to start a business, and need an electrician in Borehamwood WD6, you have found the best company offering a wide range of electrical services with competitive prices. AX Electrical Services hires qualified electricians who are certified and have years of experience. We always regard the expectations of the customers and try to do our best to provide satisfying electrical services in Borehamwood. In addition to the domestic and commercial electrical services listed below, we provide emergency services for unexpected electrical issues.

Accidents, failures, circuit malfunctions can happen for some reason from time to time and you may need emergency electrician in Borehamwood in order to solve the problem and keep the electrical system functioning properly. In those times, you can call 24/7 AX Electrical Services. As your local electrician in Borehamwood WD6, we arrive at your address as soon as possible so that we can help you to get rid of the electrical issue you are going through. Emergency electrical service includes fault finding tests to figure out the fault causing the problem, fixing the fixing electrical component (outlet, wiring, switch etc.), restesting to check the system is functioning properly. We don’t leave the property until we are sure that the system works without any problem.

As listed below, we provide both domestic and commercial electrical services for the residents of Borehamwood WD6 with our certified and qualified electricians. Do not hesitate to call 24/7 to contact us and get a quote.

Professional Electricians in Borehamwood

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Electricians In Borehamwood

At a competitive price, for a service that cannot be beaten get in touch with us now and have a chat with one of our expert team members to find out how to keep yourself and others safe while we arrive to you and to find out what you can expect us to do and how long it will take. We make sure we always keep our customers up to date with what we’re doing and why, so you can have the peace of mind that the service you’re getting is honest and professional. You can have faith in the quality of our services here at AX Electrical Services Ltd and can rely on us to provide emergency services in your hour of need. We only employ skilled and registered electricians who are vastly experienced and familiar with all types of electrical systems. Our Electricians are Fully qualified and accredited which place us in a strong position as one of Borehamwood leading electrician Services. Our highly skilled electricians are competent, reliable and work with the greatest efficiency and competency at all times.

Domestic Electrical Services in Borehamwood

  • Electrical Repairs: We can fix any kind of device which is out of order. All you have to do is call us.
  • Fire & Smoke Alarms: Alarms are important for the security of your property. Installation of fire and smoke alarms can be easily handled by our certified electricians.
  • CCTV Installation & Maintenance: You can get help from us in order to install your Closed Circuit Television. We can do it for you and deliver it properly functioning.
  • Full or Partial Domestic Electrical Wiring & Rewire: If you need electricians in Borehamwood WD6 for wiring or rewire of the system, we can provide you qualified and experienced electricians for this duty.
  • Garage and Shed Power & Lighting: We can install power unit and lighting in extra structures in your property such as garages or sheds.
  • Electrical Appliances Installation: You can hire qualified electricians for the installation of any kind of electrical appliances in your home.
  • Electric Showers Installation: If you are not competent with electricity, it can be risky to try to install an electric shower on your own. We do it for you professionally and ensure that it works safely.
  • Lighting, Sockets and Switches: We can install lightings, sockets and switches for new builds or we renew them as they need change in time.
  • Fuse Box Replacement: Having been used for years, fuse boxes require replacement so as not to have critical issues related to electricity.
  • Security Alarms Installation: In order to ensure the security of your property, you can hire our electricians to install your security alarms.
  • Security Lighting Installation: Our electricians can help you to install security lighting in any corner of your property considering your concerns.
  • Conservatory Extension Wiring: If you have a conservatory alongside your home, we can do the extension wiring of it so that you can use electricity there safely.
  • Kitchen Installations and Wiring: Our certified and qualified electricians in Borehamwood are experts in installations of every sort of kitchen appliances such as cookers, alarms fans etc.
  • Fault Finding: So that you can use electricity safely in your home, we are here to help to do any kind of fault finding in your electrical system.
  • Garden Lighting Installation: Lighting is important not only inside the home, but also outside. Regarding your needs and expectations, we can do all types of garden lighting installations professionally.
  • Consumer Unit Upgrade: We can upgrade your consumer units that needs to be replacement since it is old or isn’t enough for the current capacity of your home.

Commercial Electrical Services in Borehamwood

  • Commercial Electrical Repairs: If you are running a business, lack of electricity can be a real headache for you because it stops all your services. You can call us to prevent such interruptions which can make you lose customers and money.
  • Reactive Electrical Maintenance: You can call us 24/7 for reactive electrical maintenance whenever a problem occurs in your office.
  • Emergency Lighting Installation: We, as AX Electrical Services, can help you to install emergency lights in your office, restaurant, store etc.
  • Commercial Electric Heating: You can call us for the installation of electric heating in your office, restaurant etc.
  • Commercial Fault Finding:If your electrical equipment doesn’t operate properly, you can call us for commercial fault finding.
  • Audio and Visual Systems: We can do installations of audio-visual systems in your office and keep them functioning.
  • Car Park Lighting: If you have an office or a workplace with a covered garage, you can hire our electricians to have your car park lighting installed.
  • Office Lighting Design and Installation: If you are about to run a company, we can do all electrical installation for you, such as wiring, rewire of the old systems or lighting.
  • Entry Phone Systems: Entry phone systems are widely used in office buildings in order to communicate with visitors and give them access to the building. If you want to use this system in your office, you can call us to have it installed.
  • Sockets and Switches: We can do the installation of sockets and switches to be used in the electrical system of your office.
  • Planned Electrical Maintenance: We can make a contract with customers who need planned electrical maintenance in their offices.
  • Fire Detection Alarm Systems: Fire can be disastrous for a business owner because it may ruin your workplace. That’s why fire detection alarms must be installed and be active 24/7. You can call us for the installation of fire alarms.

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