Electrician in Hampstead

Hamstead is another area of London where we offer its residents high quality electrical services. If you live there and need an electrician in Hampstead, you can call AX Electrical Services for any kind of electrical installation and repair. With our qualified technicians who have years of experience, we provide our customers with a wide range of domestic, industrial and commercial electrical services. The passion we have for our job and the results of our quality work is a key reasos for you to choose our company among other electrical services in Hampstead .

You can ask for our domestic electrical services if you are a property owner, a contractor or a real estate agent etc. We can do wiring and installations of electrical appliances for your and deliver the system fully functioning. If you want to rearrange the electrical system in the property; rewire, relocating the components and changing of old equipment can also be handled by our certified technicians. We also cooperate with business owners who are looking for electricians in Hampstead and offer our services like installation of fire and smoke alarms, security cameras, data cabling, fault finding and maintenance. Below you can find the detailed list of services that you can hire us for.

Professional Electrician in Hampstead

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Electrician In Hampstead

If you want top-notch service at an affordable price, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our expert team can help you stay safe while we work and give you an idea of what to expect from our services. We’re dedicated to keeping our customers informed about our progress, so you can trust that you’ll receive honest and professional service. Our team at AX Electrical Services Ltd is always ready to provide reliable emergency services when you need them most. You can count on the quality of our services and the expertise of our skilled electricians.

Our electricians at AX Electrical Services Ltd are the best in the business. They are all skilled, registered, and well-versed in a variety of electrical systems. Additionally, they are fully qualified and accredited, which makes us a top choice for electrician services in Barnet. Our electricians are consistently competent, reliable, and efficient in their work. You can trust that they will always deliver high-quality service.

Domestic Electrical Services in Hampstead

  • Electrical Appliances Installation: You can employ our services to install your electrical appliances.
  • Garage and Shed Power & Lighting: We can do the installation of power units and lighting in your other structures.
  • Fire Alarms & Smoke Alarms: The installation of fire and smoke alarms can be easily done by our certified electricians.
  • Conservatory Extension Wiring: We can extend your wiring so that you can use electricity wherever you need it.
  • Kitchen Installations and Wiring: You can call us for the installations of your kitchen appliances. Our electricians can install your electric cookers or ovens and deliver them properly working.
  • Electric Showers Installation: If you need an electrical contractor in Hampstead to install your electric shower, you can get help from us.
  • Fault Finding: Electrical fault finding is a critical process to figure out the issues related to electricity that requires a solution at once so as not to have more serious problems. Our electricians can pursue the whole process for you.
  • Security Lighting Installation: We can handle with all types of security lighting installations in your home.
  • Electrical Repairs: Any device that is broken can be fixed by us. You only need to give us a call.
  • Consumer Unit Upgrade: Consumer unit, or fuse box, distributes the electricity through your entire power system in your property and they may need to be renewed after a while. This process can be pursued by our local electricians in Hampstead for you.
  • Security Alarms Installation: You can employ our electricians to install your security alarms in order to secure the safety of your property.
  • Garden Lighting Installation: We can do garden lighting installations according to your needs and expectations.
  • Full or Partial Wiring & Rewire: We can do the full or partial domestic electrical wiring of your property in order to distribute the electrical power to devices such as fuses, switches, sockets, lights etc. In time, cables used in the system can wear out. We can do the rewire of worn out cables for you.
  • CCTV Installation & Maintenance: To install your closed-circuit television, you can get assistance from us. We can complete it for you and offer a fully functional product.
  • Fuse Box Replacement: Fuse boxes that have been in operation for a while need to be replaced to avoid serious electrical problems. In such situations, you can get professional help from us in order to replace your fuse box.
  • Lighting, Sockets and Switches: Installation of lightings, sockets and switches is also among our domestic electrical services.

Commercial Electrical Services in Hampstead

  • Emergency Lighting Installation: We can provide you with the service of emergency lighting installation in your office. Emergency lighting is essential for a workplace as a safety precaution in case of an urgent situation.
  • Reactive Maintenance Call Out: You can make a contract with us to benefit from our onsite electrical maintenance service in order not to lose time looking for an emergency electrician in Hampstead whenever you need one.
  • Commercial Fault Finding: We can locate the electrical faults in the circuits or the equipment you use and repair them so that you can avoid possible hazards.
  • Entry Phone Systems: If you want entry phone system installed in order to ensure the security of your office, our staff can do it for you.
  • Commercial Electrical Installation and Wiring: We are ready to help you to start your business by handling electrical installations and wiring in your workplace.
  • Commercial Electrical Repairs: We can assist you with electrical problems that could cost you customers and money. We will resolve the issue as soon as possible so that you may continue running your business.
  • Commercial Electric Heating: If you need professional electricians in order to install electric heating, our staff can help you about that.
  • Car Park Lighting: Covered car parks need to be illuminated for not only security but also parking safety so that drivers can leave their cars to parking lots properly.
  • Fire Detection Alarms: You can hire us for the installation of your fire detection alarms so that you can protect your workplace against fire.
  • Audio and Visual Systems: Audio and visual equipment such as microphones, speakers and cameras can be installed by our staff wherever you need them in your office.
  • Electrical Maintenance Contract: Our planned maintenance service is beneficial for the business owners who always need electricity to run their business without interruption. So if you need commercial electricians in Hampstead for planned maintenance, you can call for a free quote.

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